3 ways Drones are helping Real Estate professionals sell more homes

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Submitted by Raul Bedoya - BrandsMart USA

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Home Buyers are demanding more than just pictures of a house for sale online, Aerial videos and pictures with a Drone are taking the home buying experience to new heights! Here are 3 ways Drones are helping Real Estates professionals sell more homes:

1. Visual Experience

Gives your potential home buyer an unforgettable viewing experience with a high definition view of the house and neighborhood.

2. Stand Out Above the Rest

Don’t be a “Me Too Realtor” Anyone can put a picture of a house on a postcard or internet. Using today’s aerial drone technology YOU will stand out above the rest. Which will draw more listings and attract more home buyers to your business.

3. Fast ROI for all

Future Home seller and Home buyer will demand aerial views, so a small investment on a High-Quality low-cost Drone today will most definitely bring a positive return on the investment.


Bottom-line, going forward realtors are going to be in one of two categories: Those that use drones for aerial shots, and those that will wish they did use a drone! Take a look at the video below to see the stunning presentation you can create



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