5 Tips To Keep In mind When Making A Blog Post

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Blog post are extremely helpful when looking to increase website traffic and engagement levels with your social media followers. Today’s consumer is a part of the instant gratification generation (IGG’s) and are pressed for time. Therefore your communications must be concise, fun to read and highlight all the talking points.

IGG’s - we are hungry for information, want the best deal, looking to do business only with those we trust or our friends trust and finally may do a little research before purchasing. To attract today’s consumer, that IGGer, to your website you will need more than the hot deal of the day. The hot deal will satisfy only one aspect of today’s consumer - so online advertising does work. However, blog post can close a deal just as quick if you keep the following 5 points in mind:

1. Quantify

Quantify your talking points in your blog post. You are reading this post because I promised to provide advice in 5 tips. Quantifying my communication intent helped spark your interest. We keep the number of points between 3 - 7 and typically provide either 3, 5 or 7 tips (no even numbers).

2. Image

Use a photo that intrigues the reader. Like the photo above. This photo was selected to match the topic of discussion

3. Don’t Sell

Keep sales pitches to a minimum. Avoid inserting prices, offers or deals in the middle of a blog post.

4. Link Bait

Do use links if you mention a particular brand. Don’t use links in every single sentence. Keep the outgoing links at no more than 3.

5. Wrap it up

End with a conclusion. Within the conclusion, you can insert your email address for those that may have additional questions or tips.


So… my question to you, are you ready to get started? If you need to bounce ideas off of someone please think of me. I provide marketing coaching services on this type of topic for several businesses and find it fun and satisfying to help support businesses in their online presence journey. For 5 additional tips checkout the article on my website titled 5 topics you can Blog about on your website


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