3 fantastic tips you need to know when hiring a music facilitator

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Submitted by Edward Croce - Croce Productions

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I hope these tips help you with planning your next event and hiring selection of a music facilitator.

1. Ask Questions

Ask a lot of questions. Find out the personality and integrity of the business. Most music professionals have their heart into their careers. Some will do it just for the money. Call the owner/operator directly and start a conversation and build a relationship. Allow them to find the best music and lighting entertainment solutions for you and go from there.

2. Flexibility and adaptable

Most entertainers know the business well enough to make adjustments and compensate with their clients on the fly. In other words, if the party is lasting longer than expected, the musicians, or DJ, should be more than willing to continue without negotiating a new "contract". Find out from the music facilitators how they would handle a similar situation.

3. Coordination and preplanning

When investing in a DJ for a wedding, for example, make sure they are aware of pronunciations of the wedding party, when to make important announcements and the overall color theme. These type of arrangements and planning details should take place with the couple, face to face, months before the big day. Details are key to have a perfect wedding.


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