Miami Printing and Web Designs

A Miami Family Business

We are a Family Owned Local Business and our goal is to provide Small to Medium size Businesses with the same High Quality advertising products big corporations have access to, but at a Small Business price. We know the struggles Small Business owners go through and we are here to help, even if you don’t work with us, we don’t mind taking a look at your advertising strategies and give you a few tips. We love what we do!

What we do…

We are specialized on Web Designs, E-Commerce and Commercial Printing, and provide our services to Local Businesses, Schools, and Churches in Miami, Connecticut, Texas, Georgia, and Puerto Rico among others on the US East Coast…

When you partner with us, our main focus is your business and how we can help you achieve your Goals, the reason is really simple, it’s the way we make sure you repeat business with us!

We are a One Stop Shop!

Nothing worse than hiring a Web Design company and a separate Printing company. When it’s time to work together you start having problems with delays and communication between them.

At Miami Printing and Web Designs, we have you covered! Our team will take care of all your Business needs in just one place. Need an update on your Website? We do it! Need Business Cards, Banners, Shirt or Polo’s? YES, we do it too! And since we work everything Online, we pass all the savings to you.

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Miami Printing and Web Designs

12237 SW 132 CT
Miami, Florida 33186 

9AM to 6PM


305-767-8747 (Main)

On – Point Digital Business Solutions LLC

On-Point Digital Business Solutions, LLC we are a young and newly established team based on 100% of their working methods in our exceptional human group of professionals who join forces and experience to achieve the objectives of our customers. Within the highly competitive Internet sector is, quality is an added value of our services is what makes us stand out from our competitors. As a web design agency, we build websites that perform as great as they look by focusing on user-centered designs that increase engagement, that combines web design, internet marketing, and development to transform the way our clients communicate online.

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10700 SW Caribbean Blvd Suite 301
Cuttler Bay, FL 33189 

786.797.4372 (Cell)


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2625 Augustine Dr suite 601
Santa Clara, CA 95054 US


(650) 439-0839