Chamber Committees 2018 – 2019

Business and Civic Development Committee

Consolidation: Government Affairs, Agriculture, Tourism, Business & Economic Development
Chair: Jorge Abreu
Co-Chair: Sharon Gold
Staff Liaison: Kerry Black, Wanda Brown
Board Members: Brian Conesa, Baldwin English, Lisa Greer

Mission Statement and Vision:

To support regional economic growth and stability by providing advocacy at all levels of government regarding issues deemed of importance by the committee. The committee will also assist in providing or locating the necessary resources to help our member businesses find solutions to any issues that may be impeding the success of their organization.

This committee is responsible for assisting in the determination of SDCC Chamber Policy on issues important to business, for developing a legislative agenda, for communicating issues to the SDCC Board of Directors and general membership, and for building relationships and networks between SDCC and elected officials across all levels of government.    

The committee will strive to be as diverse as possible, so it may be adequately informed and responsive on issues that relate to or may come forth that will have a negative impact on member businesses. Every effort should be made to have representation from the following industries:

  1. Agriculture; 2. Construction; 3. Logistics; 4. Tourism; 5. Media; 6. Insurance; 7. Transportation; 8. Banking; 9. Retail; 10. Restaurant; 11. Manufacturing

To accomplish the mission and purpose of this committee, the Chamber will:

  1. Establish and review an Annual Legislative Agenda.
  2. When necessary, engage our local, state and federal legislators and agencies on issues deemed of importance by the Committee.
  3. Advocate for and represent members on issues when presented to the Committee.
  4. Collaborate with and/or partner with other organizations that have shared advocacies/interests that may relate to our mission or Legislative Agenda.
  5. Advocate for or promote legislation that will better the business environment of our region, state or nation.

Philanthropy and Events Committee

Consolidation: Public Relations, Philanthropy, Events Coordination
Chair: Craig Pearce
Co-Chair: Maggie Anzardo
Staff Liaison: Kerry Black, Wanda Brown
Board Members: Mickey McGuirre, Charlie Hudson, Amanda Greer, Peter Schnebly, Stephanie Go, Dr. Linda Fagan, Mary Montanez

Mission Statement and Vision:

To promote a positive community image and plan and host fundraising events for SDCC. To create opportunities for SDCC membership to interact, network, and build relationships.  Additionally, SDCC programs and events should be to increase visibility for our membership, foster involvement in the Chamber and business community, provide opportunities for business referrals, and cultivate professional development and growth.

This SDCC committee is the largest Board focus.  The members of this committee are responsible for selecting guest speakers, determining venues, coordinating catering, providing decorations, and other such activities intended to generate revenue for SDCC operations.

Community Engagement and Outreach Committee

Consolidation: Hispanic, Mexican American, Quality of Life, Homestead Mainstreet, Education, Faith-Based
Chair: David Worth
Co-Chair: Susana Vela
Staff Liaison: Kerry Black, Ali Santana
Board Members: Cip Garza, Yvonne Knowles, Julio Guzman, Sharon Wilson

Mission Statement and Vision:

To serve as a link between business, school districts and programs, and the community to actively support quality education with a focus on providing a well-trained workforce in the SDCC community. In addition, this committee will foster an environment for young professionals within the SDCC business network, conduct community outreach programs and to interact with community leaders.

This committee will work to ensure that new and existing businesses in the South Dade business area have the knowledge, information, and resources to successfully open, manage, and expand their businesses.  SDCC serves as a partner to the business community, and by compiling the resources and providing the support that so many small and medium businesses require, this committee will help our members and the SDCC businesses that we serve to grow and prosper.

Operations and Membership Committee

Consolidation: Operations, Membership, Young Professionals
Chair: Bill Duquette
Co-Chair: Olga Eby
Staff Liaison: Kerry Black, Sandra Rendon
Board Members: Corey Gold, Joseph Jarrin, Kurt Kadel, Nitun Patel, Joe Webb
Mission Statement and Vision:

This committee will work to ensure that new and existing businesses in South Dade area are aware of the benefits of membership in the SDCC.  While much emphasis will be placed on the recruitment of new members, this committee will also serve as the Board liaison to existing members.  The committee is charged with communicating the needs and expectations of the membership to the Board of Directors.

The members of this committee will act as representatives and ambassadors of the South Dade Chamber of Commerce.  Members are responsible for aiding in membership and sponsorship campaign efforts and attending ribbon cuttings and grand openings on behalf of the Chamber.

It will be of utmost importance that this committee focuses on the sustainable growth of the SDCC and work to strengthen the bonds with its members by providing corresponding levels of engagement opportunities and member benefits for the different types and levels of memberships; geared toward their specific business needs. It works to increase its reach, brand awareness and business development opportunities for its members providing a value-added proposition while deepening the bonds between SDCC and the communities it serves.

In addition, this committee will be charged with the responsibility of maintaining currency and relevancy regarding the SDCC operating bylaws and any which may exist in other SDCC committees.

Military Affairs Committee

Consolidation: None
Chair: Tracy Hunt
Co-Chair: Tony Fiore
Staff Liaison: Kerry Black
Mission Statement and Vision:

To assist military units within the SDCC area to meet their mission and goals, promote understanding between the civilian and military communities, enhance the quality of life for our military and their families, and to support – as practical – other military units in SDCC area.

This committee will be led by appointed leadership that is well connected to, and has a good understanding of, the military community in the SDCC business area with particular emphasis on the activities of the various units operating at the Homestead Air Force Reserve Base.  The chair of this committee will be a voting member of the SDCC Board of Directors