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MISSION | Acceleration Academies is a national leader in re-engaging young adults not experiencing success in a traditional high school setting. We help them identify their goals, overcome obstacles, build confidence, and pursue a personalized academic program to achieve the dream many had thought out of reach: a high school diploma.

Our success is rooted in earning the trust of the school districts with which we partner, the community organizations that support our mission, and the students and families we have the honor of serving year-round.

VISION  | To transform the way education is delivered, by partnering with school districts to graduate more at-risk or unenrolled high school students than any other program in the country — giving them a second chance at a life that will make them and their families proud.


Web-Based Curriculum: Our online platform allows our students — we call them Graduation Candidates (GCs) to remind them of why they’re working so hard — the flexibility to study on campus, at home or anyplace with a wifi connection.

Individualized Learning Plans: Each GC’s learning plan is tailored to his or her individual needs and schedule. Our flexibility is helpful to young people who have work and family obligations that may conflict with traditional school hours.

Focus on Next Steps: Our expert career and life coaches help GCs identify and pursue the post-graduate path that’s right for them — internships, college, military service, skilled trades and well-paying jobs.

Flexible Instruction: Our staff of certified teachers and mentors work with GCs in small groups or in one-on-one settings, creating opportunities to develop substantial relationships and drive academic progress.


Acceleration Academies offers the tools needed to help students overcome personal barriers — social, economic and emotional — to attendance and engagement. We provide:

A Sense of Community: Our academy prioritizes a personalized approach with all GCs so that young learners can connect with mentors and foster relationships with caring adults and their peers. Whether studying onsite or remotely, they find an environment that is safe, supportive and designed to help them thrive.

Food Services: We partner with school districts to provide daily food services to all who qualify, along with a variety of snacks and drinks to fuel success for all our GCs, regardless of economic circumstances.

Family Friendly: Many of our GCs are caretakers to families of their own. Our extended hours and flexible, personalized approach help them manage those commitments without jeopardizing academic progress.

Connections to Community Services: We work to connect GCs to community resources related to housing, nutrition, medical and mental health care, and other services.

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