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Dade County Federal Credit Union

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Dade County Federal Credit Union was established on May 1, 1939 for the purpose of offering financial independence and security to employees of Dade County. In April of 1939 ten Dade County employees, with a sincere desire to help their colleagues, gathered $135 in an old cigar box and signed a certificate of origination, bringing Dade County Federal Credit Union into existence.

From humble beginnings of a few dollars collected in a cigar box by those early Credit Union pioneers, your credit union has grown to a multi-million dollar, professionally managed financial institution, which stands ready to turn your financial dreams into realities. We have branches from Miami Gardens to Homestead for your convenience, prepared to satisfy all of your banking needs. We are committed to serving you and our community.

Take a few minutes to look through our website. We offer a wide array of financial products and services including Secure Checking, Free Online Banking, and Individual Retirement Accounts, as well as Mortgages and Car loans.  Keep an eye out for our special promotions.

You may also click to meet our Dade County Federal Credit Union Board of Directors.

At Dade County Federal Credit Union, our members, always have and always will, come first. We are here for you and your family. We are better than a bank. We are your credit union.

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