Mamma Mia Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant 2

Mamma Mia Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant 2

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In our effort to create a brand new website to make ourselves more accessible to our customers through today’s technology, we were asked to create this brief summary of our history in the restaurant business.  It struck me how the question was posed, “why us? rather than “about us”.

In an industry that is ever evolving and becoming quite demanding, we have distinguished ourselves and prospered because we have not let the industry absorb us; rather we have set ourselves apart from the corporate chains and franchises by remaining a true family restaurant where we, the owners, are hands on and present.
At anytime, both my husband and I, can be found in the restaurant. Often, we are working administratively in the office, making a pizza, preparing desserts, or working one-on-one with the chefs in the kitchen preparing new dishes. We take great pride in what we do and do it with great love and passion.
 Our family, first generation from Palermo, Sicily, was raised in the business, having successful restaurants in Miami since 1978.  Even though as young adults our furthering education sent us on different career paths, those paths eventually led back to the table where good Italian family food was served and the hustle and bustle of the kitchen utensils could be heard spilling the sweet aromas of the dishes they were stirring.
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