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At Sweet Jalane’s, we focus on look, flavor and satisfaction at the same time. We believe beauty, taste and fulfilment should be directly proportional to each other. We don’t believe in preservatives so we don’t add any of it. While we respect and sometimes oblige to the needs of our diet restricted clients, Sweet Jalane’s uses butter, milk, eggs, sugar, and flour, just like grandma used to do. We do this in an effort to create a semblance of home, love, and comfort in every bite of our products.

Every batch of our cakes, cookies, puddings, pies and everything in between are baked to ensure freshness, quality and consistency. Every day we focus on not just creating another piece of dessert, but we focus and strive to create a morsel that will give peace to someone who may be experiencing turmoil, to give love to someone so they can replace hate, and to give hope to someone where there is hopelessness.  With our true focus on making this bitter world sweeter with each one of our products, you can be assured of simple, sweet, and southern in every bite, every time!

We don’t just bake cakes. We create them. We pour our hearts into them. We whip them into sheer perfection. Using ingredients like farm-fresh butter and cream and perfectly ripe fruit from local farms, we blend flavors perfectly to create tastes and textures that will put a smile on your face every bite you take.


Ordering your very own Sweet Jalanes cake is simple. Send us email at orders@sweetjalanes.com.

Or call us at 305.322.3909

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