Town of Cutler Bay

Town of Cutler Bay

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Cutler Bay Town Center, located at 10720 Caribbean Blvd. in the heart of Cutler Bay, is a 6-story office building within walking distance to Southland Mall and close proximity to various area amenities including restaurants, hotels, banking and retail.

The Town of Cutler Bay is a customer-focused government. Cutler Bay’s customers are our residents of all ages, taxpayers, and everyone who does business or visits our Town.

  • We measure our success based on customer satisfaction.
  • We value and seek customer feedback at every opportunity.
  • We empower our employees to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • We value, recognize and reward friendly, courteous customer service.
  • We believe in leading by example.
  • We strive to establish and maintain an inspiring vision.
  • We focus on guidelines rather than rules.
  • We believe in and value continuous improvement.
  • We encourage our customers to define quality service.
  • We believe that our plan for quality is a never ending effort.
  • We focus on process improvement.
  • We let customer feedback define quality improvements.
  • We have no substitute for honesty and ethical conduct.
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