Generating Sales Opportunities via Text Message Marketing (Webinar)

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Are you interested in enrolling more business through texting?
In the US, almost everyone receives or sends a text message every day, and 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received.
The average text message response time is 90 seconds, vs 90 minutes for email. Our B2B and B2C clients have received on average 43x and 67x return from text message marketing, respectively. 

Whether you’re texting via Google Voice or Zipwhip, or if you’re still evaluating how to do text marketing, Eversprint’s training will give you great ideas that you can implement today.


You’ll learn how to execute your own text message marketing campaigns through the strategies, tactics, and technology that have been successful in delivering 207 sales appointments to 21 businesses, where 69 closed into $2.6m of new business.


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