OneShare Health Plan

Finally! Affordable healthcare is now available to the small business owners, their staff and family members. The South Dade Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with OneShare Health is rolling out new benefits.

OneShare Health is a medical cost sharing ministry providing a unique, affordable, ACA-exempt option to healthcare. OneShare Health is not insurance. OneShare Health is a healthcare sharing family that welcomes and unites those who agree with our core biblical principles, and Statement of Beliefs relating to life, health and caring for others. With industry-leading programs and an unparalleled member experience, OneShare Health continues to grow its nation membership.

OneShare Health and South Florida Community are BETTER TOGETHER. To find out more, please contact the SDCC Membership Concierge, Sandra Rendon at (305) 247-2332 or call Joseph Webb directly at (305) 969-3644.

Member Benefits  

1. Affordable healthcare sharing options for your family

2. Next Day Effective Date, 1st – 28th of the month

3. Monthly Contributions as low as $140 Individual, $225 Individual + One, $350 Family

4. Access to Nationwide PPO Provider Network, PHCS with over 1M providers

5. Concierge Member Services

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a member in good standing of the South Dade Chamber of Commerce
  • Watch the informational pre-enrollment video: <Watch>
  • Read through the plan documents to choose the best arrangement of plans for your needs.
  • Contact Joe Webb at or 305-969-3644 to begin your enrollment in the Chamber Healthcare Program

Learn More About OneShare Health?

Download the OneShare Classic Plan Brochure

Download the OneShare Catastrophic Plan Brochure

Download the OneShare Complete Plan Brochure

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ONESHARE HEALTH, LLC IS NOT AN INSURANCE COMPANY BUT A FACILITATOR OF MEDICAL EXPENSE SHARING AMONG MEMBERS. This is an ACA exempt membership ministry that is not insurance coverage. The sharing membership does not assume legal risk or guarantee or promise that medical bills will be paid or shared by the membership. Available nationwide, but please check for the most up to date state availability listing.

Medical Cost Sharing is not health insurance. Before replacing health insurance with a medical cost sharing membership, it is critically important to understand the requirements and restrictions for members. For example, most medical cost sharing organizations exclude or limit the amount eligible to share for pre-existing conditions. Accordingly, Medical Cost Sharing Group Memberships are not appropriate for groups of 50 or more where employees with pre-existing conditions might not be covered and the employer could be subject to a tax penalty. Likewise, there are exclusions for irresponsible behavior, including an accident or sickness related to drugs or alcohol. The website for each organization has the necessary detailed information to enable an informed decision.

The application for medical cost sharing has a limited number of health history questions, but all potential members must agree with and attest to statements including: “I agree to refrain from the usage of any form of illegal substances.” Accordingly, medical cost sharing memberships are not for everybody, but a practical solution to managing costs for health-conscious individuals.

Medical cost sharing is not insurance where a premium is paid, and the risk of major medical expenses are assumed by the insurance company. In medical cost sharing the patient deals directly with the doctor or hospital without the interference of an insurance company actuary. Secondly, the patient becomes a responsible, cost-conscious consumer rather than only being responsible for a co-pay and no concern what is charged to the insurance company.

This Healthcare Program is not insurance. This means the state’s consumer protections and oversight of the operation of the plan do not apply. The amounts to be paid to the plan are not insurance premiums and therefore are not regulated. The promise of future benefits is not guaranteed.

The general information provided here has been taken from reliable resources. However, the Chamber of Commerce and its subsidiaries do not provide insurance, legal or tax advice. We recommend that you seek competent legal advice for any questions on the forms and applications that you are required to sign to apply for membership to a medical cost sharing organization. The Chamber Healthcare program is not insurance and the Chamber of Commerce is not an insurance agency or provider.