Our Value

The South Dade Chamber of Commerce is highly relevant in addition to the advancements in technology and online networking. Chamber Members receive countless promotional advantages and exclusive advertising opportunities and networking options providing additional exposure for their companies or organizations.

Tell me this doesn’t sound great, right? It is. Find out if joining our local chamber of commerce is cost-effective by considering the following benefits:


Your business can increase exposure in online and offline channels. Did you know that chambers offer programs that welcome new residents and business to the community? Were you aware that members receive an online listing (with a link) to help interested parties find you in searches? Both of those opportunities alone could give your company a significant boost in buzz.


You’ll be in direct contact with other local professionals and community leaders. The Chamber provides numerous opportunities for businesses to connect with potential consumers, like-minded professionals and resource providers.  Our networking events give your business the leading edge you need to be profitable and successful.


Events frequently take place in our community; in fact,  you’ll more than likely see postings on Facebook and in stores and banners around town related to Chamber events. Chamber members typically gain booth access to these conventions before non-members, and many times at a worthwhile discount. Furthermore, the Chamber leads groups to put you in direct contact with other professionals in the area for networking purposes. Networking can be a pain if you cold call or blindly attend events hoping to make new connections, but it’s infinitely easier when you’re in the same room as area business owners for meetings.


You have the chance to market directly to other business owners who may require your services/products. The South Dade Chamber of Commerce has mailing lists that you wouldn’t be able to access otherwise. Our mailing lists are especially helpful if your business is primarily B2B (Business to Business) because you’ll be able to contact directly or visit the person in charge instead of throwing darts in the dark hoping to reach someone with buying power. Also, keep in mind we refer our members’ products and services over non-members’, which means that you’ll also gain referral opportunities as a paying member.

I think we have said enough.  Take a look at the video below in order to hear first hand what others say about Chamber’s in general: