Trustee Levels and Benefits

*Begins in FY2020-21 Q2-Q4 **SDCC Social Media Platforms


 A Trustee Partner exemplifies the spirit of a community business leader. Trustees represent the ‘strong shoulders’ providing strength and sustainability to our chamber, demonstrating a sound understanding of the crucial link between business success and the continued fiscal and social wellbeing of the South Dade community.  

The benefits listed below are designed to help you increase branding of your product or service, gain local prominence and exposure, as well as connect you with other community leaders within our region of Miami Dade County.  Thank you so much for your support!  

It is our great pleasure to offer the following benefits to our South Dade Chamber of Commerce Trustee Partners:   


$1,500 Investment (Includes up to 3 Company Representatives):  

  1. Your company logo displayed in the Chamber of Commerce bi-weekly Constant Contact for one year.  
  2. Your company logo displayed on the home page banner of the Chamber’s website for one year.
  3. Special on-site recognition at all Chamber Business Builders Breakfasts and After-Hours events (when Representative is attending).  
  4. Three exclusive social mixer events for Trustee Partners only during fiscal year. 
  5. Complimentary rental of SDCC Conference Room one time/quarter ($150 savings/daily use. Subject to availability.)  
  6. One complimentary breakfast for one monthly Chamber Business Builders Breakfast. 
  7. Company logo in all SDCC resource e-blasts thru Constant Contact


$3,000 Investment (Includes up to 5 Company Representatives):  

  1. Includes Corporate Trustee Partnership Benefits Items 1-6.  
  2. Sponsorship of one Chamber Business Builders Breakfast ($150 value). 
  3. Right for 1 ea. 6′ business promotional table for sponsored Business Builders Breakfast ($75 value). 
  4. One (1 ea.) complimentary breakfast for 2 monthly Chamber Business Builders Breakfasts. 
  5. Company logo in all SDCC resource e-blasts thru Constant Contact


$5,000 Investment (Includes up to 7 Company Representatives):  

  1. Includes Bronze Partnership Benefits Items 1-2 
  2. 1st right of refusal for any available sponsorship levels for future Chamber events. 
  3. Tabletop Signage at all Chamber Trustee Luncheons ($75/luncheon; total value $450). 
  4. Special promotional article in South Dade News Leader ($650 value).  
  5. Sponsorship of one (1) Chamber Trustee Luncheon ($250 value) with special acknowledgment in the Trustee Luncheon program ($150 value).  
  6. Right for 1 ea. 6′ promotional table at one sponsored Trustee Luncheon ($75 value). 
  7. Complimentary lunch tickets for one (1) Chamber Trustee Luncheon. 
  8. SDCC organized event sponsorship up to $750 including multiple, prominent position of digital advertising (Constant Contact, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  9.   Company logo in all SDCC resource e-blasts thru Constant Contact 


$7,500 Investment (Includes up to 9 Company Representatives):  

  1. Includes Silver Partnership Benefits Items 1-4. 
  2. Sponsorship of two (2) Chamber Business Builders Breakfasts (Total Value $300).  
  3. Sponsorship of two (2) Chamber Trustee Luncheons. (Total Value $500).  
  4. Special acknowledgment in Chamber Trustee Luncheon printed program ($300 total value).  
  5. Logo on Facebook and Constant Contact Chamber Trustee Luncheon invitation (sent a minimum of 4 x’s). 
  6. , or Virtual Events.  
  7. Two reserved seats at CEO’s table at every Chamber Trustee Luncheon (when Trustee Representatives are attending).  
  8. SDCC organized event sponsorship and levels up to $1,000 including multiple, prominent digital advertisements (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
  9. Complimentary lunch tickets for two (2) Chamber Trustee Luncheons. 
  10. Company logo in all SDCC resource e-blasts thru Constant Contact, SDCC Webinars, and Social Media.  


$10,000 Investment (Includes up to 11 Company Representatives):  

  1. Includes all Gold Partnership Benefits Items 1-4.  
  2. Trustee Sponsorship of all Chamber Trustee Luncheons and Business Builders Breakfasts.   
  3. Two seats reserved at the Chairman’s Table at all Trustee Luncheons (when Trustee Representatives are attending). 
  4. Option for “3 Minute Business Broadcast” at Business Builders Breakfast, Chamber Trustee Luncheon, or Virtual Events.
  5. SDCC organized event sponsorship and level up to $2,000 including prominent digital advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), and 2 forms of printed material apropos to event (banner, flyers, etc.).
  6. A table for eight (8) at a dining event, workshop; or four (4) tickets for two (2) Trustee Luncheons. 
  7. One form of printed advertising apropos to event (banner, flyers, etc.). 
  8. Company logo in all SDCC resource e-blasts thru Constant Contact, SDCC Webinars, and Social Media.  

 (*) (**) (***) – Sponsorship of Business Builders Breakfast, Trustee Luncheons, & SDCC initiated events will begin in FY 2020-21 Q2-Q4

(**) (***) – Silver, Gold, and Platinum Partnership Packages can be billed at ½ down followed by 2 quarterly payments.

(***) – Logo recognition on sponsor loop.