Internet Marketing

TURN YOUR WEBSITE INTO A LEAD GENERATION SUPERSTAR made some predictions about online marketing for 2016:

1. Online Video would increase through Live Streaming

2. Marketing Automation would continue to evolve (retargeting solutions)

3. Apps will start to earn its fair share of digital marketing

4. Expect Digital Advertising to Experience a Major Transformation

All the predictions made by came true by the end of 2016. For 2017, there is a new line of predictions that you are going to want to adjust your online presence to address:

  • Mobile Users
  • Consumer Connections
  • Customer Support
  • Online Ordering
  • Email Marketing
  • Live Broadcasting


Online chat enables you to have real-time conversations with visitors of your website. Here are six reasons why live chat solutions are beneficial for a business today: Real-Time Convenience to Customers, Cost Efficient, Stand out Amongst Competitors, Develop Deeper Customer Relationships, Transcripts Offer Data to Improve Customer Service, and Increased Conversions. There are a number of inexpensive solutions that are easy to deploy into websites.


Push notifications enable a chance of instant communication with customers and prospects. While emails might take time a little while to be delivered (not even speaking about being delivered to spam folders), push-messages reach clients instantly on a customer’s desktop or mobile device. Here are five reasons to consider push notifications as a solution for your business: Wide reach across internet users, High conversion rates, Real-time communication, Schedule Reminders, and track consumer behaviour.


Opt-in solutions are dominating the landing pages of many websites. Opt-in forms popup, float-in, appear on exit, display after so many minutes of a site visitors session and trigger based on content views. These tools increase email marketing list by 40% and higher. Here are five reasons to deploy opt-in solutions on your website:


2017 is the year to focus on getting place tools in place that will increase your email marketing list, customer retention, conversions, and improve your website’s overall visitor experience. Let’s talk about solutions you can add to your website to stay in front of the 2017 predictions


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