4 Reasons to Buy a New Home

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Submitted by Martha L. Enriquez- D.R. Horton

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New homes are energy efficient. Personalization: you pick upgrades & finishes. Smart & Healthy; smart technology options, use low or zero VOC on paint & building materials. Requires less maintenance since everything is new. Warranties are given. And builders incentives for closing cost & upgrades.

1. Resale homes are not energy efficient.

New homes offer superior insulation, solar power technology with efficient construction and design. These advancements and additions to your home will help lower the cost of your monthly bills. With the purchase of a newer home you make smarter invest for the environment and your wallet.

2. Resale Homes require maintenance

In resale homes your are often faced with replacement costs. A resale home may have out-of-date appliances, heating and A/C units, roofing, flooring/carpeting or paint. All of these remodeling needs add up in the cost of a resale home. Everything in a new home is as implied, new. Your budgetary resources won’t be hurt by a need to fix up your home. You are also given a chance to implement your own personalized choices in a new home, rather having to repair things.

3. Warranties

Newer homes often times come with a one-year warranty on appliances and systems, along with a 10-year warranty on the structural elements. Resale homes do not always guarantee this warranty. Home warranties are essential because unexpected bills for repairs, won’t be covered by items that are “worn out”. New homes come with newer appliances and other systems that are covered under a one-year warranty.

4. Financing

You are typically on your own when you want to finance a resale home. Often times sellers of resale homes might not be willing to contribute to settlement charges. With a new home builders typically have mortgage subsidiaries or affiliates and are able to tailor financing or down-payments, “points” to your specific situation.


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