5 Key Values of Local Goods and Services

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Submitted by Sherry Sierveld - S & S Design

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What is Your Perceived Value of Local Goods and Services as a Consumer?

When you are making a purchase of goods or services, how do you determine the value of that item? Are you in a mindset to save pennies or dollars or to do what is convenient? Or do you understand the true value of the purchase or service or is it all the above?

On the other side of that, the retailer or service provider has a value as well and they understand your needs but they also need to meet their value or costs of doing business. As local, small businesses grapple with the double-edged sword of consumer versus big box and online competition- please consider that there are businesses in your community that can provide the same goods and services and welcome your support. Do you think about how or where your dollars are spent?

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